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Laura Sarvilinna

Laura Sarvilinna is a Stockholm-based design and PR consultant, creative director, and Pilates and Barre instructor. Born and educated in Finland, she has worked in a wide number of different roles in the design field since the mid 90s.

Laura has deep experience in directing development projects and leading creative processes. Throughout her career, she has worked in product development, event development, international marketing, and communications and public relations. At the beginning of the 2000s, she founded Huippu Design Management, a pioneering business concept focused on managing designers. Huippu was also responsible for all the international satellite events for the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. Her extensive international network consists of a broad range of different design players from industry and museums to the media and expert organisations.

Laura’s current field of work has also expanded to Pilates and flamenco culture.


Habitare 2023 – Themed exhibition Together
Design by Studio Plenty
Photo: Katri Kapanen

Design Consultancy

Laura’s current activities in the design field include the development of events in terms of their creative content and commercial concept, as well as their marketing, communi­cation, and internationalisation. She also works with design exhibitions and is responsible for communication and media relations for design clients.

Laura’s specialties and consulting services in the field of design:

  • Event development and conceptualisation
  • Visual marketing and creative lead
  • Internationalisation
  • PR and communications for international markets
  • Product and process development projects

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Photo: Marica Rosengård


Laura is a STOTT PILATES® Trained Instructor in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac and Chair as well as Total Barre® instructor. She has also education in Garuda® Foundation Matwork. Laura’s interest in body movements began at a young age through dance and the visual arts. In the STOTT PILATES® Method, Laura found a form of exercise that combines mobility, stability, flexibility, strength, and endurance in a holistic and smooth way. The STOTT PILATES® Method is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates. Pilates increases body awareness and builds good health. It is used by rehab and prenatal clients, athletes, dancers, and everyone in between.

Contact Laura for:

  • Group training for businesses
  • Private lessons
  • Group training courses

Here you can follow Laura’s thoughts and activities on Pilates.

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Tablao Flamenco
Salvador Bartolozzi, 1905


Laura is a flamenco aficionada who has also worked for flamenco organisations and events. In the 80s, the rhythms and aesthetics of flamenco in particular made a huge impression on young Laura, and it remains a fascination with its depth, multiculturalism and versatility.

Flamenco is an art form based on singing (cante), guitar (toque), clapping (palmas), and dancing (baile), with roots in southern Spain. Flamenco incorporates various nuances of Spanish dance, Romani culture, and Oriental, Jewish, Indian, and African dance and musical influences. Today it can be experienced on the most renowned dance and music stages in the world as a contemporary artform as well as on small local stages (tablao) with local artists.

Here you can follow what inspires her in flamenco.